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For the past 24 years, Trans-Tex Software has been dedicated to the principle that good software doesn't have to be expensive and difficult to use. In memory of the demise of KAGI, we have converted all shareware to freeware. I would like to thank all our users for their loyal support.

Tex-Edit Plus icon Tex-Edit Plus

Tex-Edit Plus is a scriptable, ASCII text editor that fills the gap between a Apple's bare-bones TextEdit and a full-featured word processor. It's fast, efficient, and has a clean, uncluttered interface. It's also great for cleaning up text which is transmitted over the Internet.

AppleScript for Tex-Edit Plus Archives AppleScript is a wonderful, Mac-only technology that allows ordinary people to create automated shortcuts with minimal effort. Doug Adams maintains the official AppleScripts for Tex-Edit Archives, a site filled with hints, tips, examples, and step-by-step instructions for those of you interested in saving time, impressing the boss, and avoiding repetitive stress injuries.

Tex-Edit Plus also supports Apple's new Automator, which has been drastically enhanced for Yosemite, the latest Mac operating systems. With 36 custom Automator actions and unrivaled AppleScript recordability, Tex-Edit allows you to create custom scripts and workflows with the push of a button. Of course, if your time is of little or no value, please feel free to ignore AppleScript and Automator.

Cepstral - We Build Voices Natural-sounding OS X voices are now available! If you use Tex-Edit's speech facilities to proofread documents (or if you want to find out what Eliza really thinks about you), check out the high quality voices produced by Cepstral. The Version 5.2 voices, including the new Callie voice, are extremely cool!

Tex-Edit Plus is Freeware. Enjoy.


Tex-Edit Plus Download
Universal Version 4.10.4
Mac OS 10.4 thru 10.12 Universal
File Size: 11874K

Tex-Edit Plus Download PPC
PPC Version 4.9.8
Mac OS 10.1 thru 10.3
File Size: 3970K

Tex-Edit Plus Download Classic
Classic Version 4.1.3
Mac OS 7 thru 9
File Size: 5294K

Tex-Edit Download Legacy
Legacy Version 2.7.2
Mac OS 6
File Size: 257K

Tex-Edit Plus (beta) Download Beta
Pre-release Version 4.10.5 b1
Mac OS 10.4 thru 10.12 Universal
File Size: 11874K

Editors' Choice (****)
"Best Utilities"
September 1997
Five Mac rating
Charles W. Moore Review
July 2005
Web Tool Award
Best Web Tool Award
Winner 2011
4.7 Star rating
Over 100,000 downloads
February 2004
Four Star rating
"A Shareware Masterpiece"
December 1998
5 Star reader rating
February 2004
Four 1/2 Disk rating
"An indispensable tool"
Shareware 1999
Five Dude rating
Shareware 1999
Five Mouse rating
April 1999
MUT Shareware Awards
Winner 1996
MacUser Shareware Awards
Winner 1995
FindMySoft certified
December 2008
Editor's Choice Awards
Shareware 1998

Eliza icon Eliza

Enjoy a rousing conversation with your Mac. Eliza will play the part of a psychologist, conducting an open-ended clinical interview. As the patient, you get Eliza's opinions and advice on a wide range of subjects. Eliza has a large vocabulary and the ability to formulate a virtually unlimited number of responses. (Freeware)

FindMySoft certified
April 2009

Eliza Download Eliza
Universal Version 1.6.0
Mac OS 10.4+, G4+ Universal
File Size: 460K

Eliza Download Eliza Classic
Classic Version 6.0.1
Mac OS 7 thru 9
File Size: 115K

Azile icon Azile

Azile is a slightly "altered" version of Eliza, the classic mainframe psychologist emulation program. Azile is a cranky therapist who couldn't care less what your problems are. (Freeware)


Azile Download Eliza
Universal Version 1.6.0
Mac OS 10.4+, G4+ Universal
File Size: 1145K

Azile Download Azile Classic
Classic Version 4.5
Mac OS 7 thru 9
File Size: 90K

Re-Pete icon Re-Pete

Re-Pete is an elegant, easy-to-learn (but hard-to-master) game which tests your ability to remember visual and auditory patterns. It can be used for memory enhancement, relaxation, or just plain fun. (Freeware)


Re-Pete Download Re-Pete
Universal Version 1.3.1
Mac OS 10.4+, G4+ Universal
File Size: 476K

Re-Pete Download Re-Pete Classic
Classic Version 2.2
Mac OS 7 thru 9
File Size: 73K


Product Support

Please contact me (Tom Bender) if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports. Or snail-mail me at:
Tom Bender
5313 Beverly Drive
San Angelo, Texas 76904

Other Neat Stuff

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About Our Freeware

Please note that there are no annoying adware messages or "unlock codes" embedded in our programs. You have our permission to distribute these files freely, as long as the documentation remains intact and you don't alter the programs themselves. (Please do not post the beta versions to any other sites, since that might confuse folks.)

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