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Tex-Edit Plus for OS X

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Version 4.10.4

  • Converted to freeware.
  • Fixed cosmetic bug in Tools panel.
  • Compatible with El Capitan (10.11).
  • Compatible with Sierra (10.12).

Version 4.10.3

  • Fixed bug noted when using "Replace All" command to replace certain fonts.
  • Improved performance of some newer speaking voices.
  • Fixed bug associated with "Change Case" commands.

Version 4.10.2

  • Compatible with Yosemite (10.10).
  • Fixed cosmetic bug seen with Rosetta.

Version 4.10.1

  • Added common text color buttons to Tools palette.
  • Included "Dictate" scripts for Scripts Menu and Script Tools button for use with Mavericks. This allows you to dictate and edit text before insertion.
  • Standard keyboard shortcut added for text color picker dialog.

Version 4.10

  • Open RTFD documents (with most graphics intact).
  • Create RTFD documents.
  • The "Open Any as Text" command will now open bundles/packages.
  • Fixed bug when opening or saving RTF documents containing some embedded pictures (JPEG, PNG).
  • PNG pictures can now be opened, inserted, or dragged directly into Tex-Edit documents.
  • Changed default position of Tools and Script Tools palettes to left side of screen. (I suggest deleting the old "Tex-Edit Preferences" file in "~/Library/Preferences" folder and re-launching Tex-Edit.)
  • Improved window tiling/positioning on screen.
  • Added "Open Selected File in Tex-Edit Plus" service. (Activate in "System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Services" in 10.6 or newer.)
  • Added "New Tex-Edit Plus Window Containing Selection" service.
  • Fixed bug involving frozen dialog sheets in Mavericks (10.9).
  • Fixed cosmetic bug noted when displaying Print and Page Setup dialogs in Mavericks.
  • Fixed bug in "Open Recent" menu.

Version 4.9.17

  • Compatible with Mavericks (10.9)
  • Much smoother document scrolling when using a trackpad or Apple's Magic Mouse.
  • Improved "HTML -> Mac" conversion. This makes it easier to extract the readable text portion of a web page ".html" document. (Use the keyboard shortcut F5; select "Scripts->Convert->HTML to Mac"; or use the button on the Script Tools palette.)
  • Improved "About Tex-Edit" and "About Scripts Menu" dialogs. (Text can now be dragged, copied, and scrolled correctly.)
  • Fixed several bugs involving the "Paste Style" command.
  • Fixed bug noted when copying large offscreen picture selection.
  • Fixed bugs involving the "Preferences" dialog i-beam cursor and editable item focus.
  • Fixed bugs seen when AppleScript is used to close a document window that has a sheet dialog attached.
  • Fixed bugs involving "Record Sound" dialog.

Version 4.9.16

  • Modified icons and icns files to improve visibility in 10.7 and 10.8.
  • Fixed bug involving large text entries in some dialogs (e.g. "Quick Script").
  • Fixed edit menu activation bugs.
  • Minor update to Tex-Aid.

Version 4.9.15

  • Fixed Code Signing error (noted by users of 10.8).
  • Fixed bug in "Merge Scripts Folder" application.
  • Fixed bug in "Merge Script Tools Folder" application.

Version 4.9.14

  • Improved character count updating in background (inactive) document windows.
  • Improved AppleScript "delete" command when applied to complex text and tab objects.
  • Fixed bug involving submenu command key shortcuts.
  • Changed several keyboard shortcuts to avoid conflicts.
  • Improved activation of menu and submenu commands under various conditions.
  • Peruse submenu contents even when all options are unavailable.
  • Fixed problem handling aliases in Scripts folder and Script Tools folder.
  • Minor update to Tex-Aid.

Version 4.9.13

  • Mountain Lion (10.8) compatible.
  • Added Code Signing (Apple Identified Developer) for improved security.
  • Fixed drag and drop hiliting bugs.
  • Fixed script bug involving full text justification.
  • Improved text hiliting in inactive document windows.
  • Updated pointers to AppleScripts for Tex-Edit Plus web site.
  • Updated cursor routines to improve visibility with dark background colors.
  • Added script tool to show/hide ruler.

Version 4.9.12

  • Added a scriptable pref option to choose the date format used by the "Insert Date" command.
  • Added a scriptable pref option to choose the time format used by the "Insert Time" command. (Edit the various formats in "System Preferences -> Language & Text (International) -> Formats".).
  • Added "Check Spelling of Selection" contextual menu command.
  • Justification buttons in the Tools panel actively display the justification of the current selection.
  • Fixed bug that prevented closure of Tools panel in non-English localizations.

Version 4.9.11

  • Fixed an important bug involving the "Check for New Version" command. (It now correctly downloads the most recent release version of Tex-Edit Plus.)
  • The "Speak Text" button in the Tools panel reads only the selected text. If no text is selected, the entire document is read.
  • The "Check Spelling" button in the Tools panel checks the spelling of only the selected text. If no text is selected, the entire document is spell-checked.
  • Fixed bug noted when speaking text aloud using high quality Lion voices. HQ Lion voices choke on traditional Mac high ASCII characters (e.g. "smart quotes").

Version 4.9.10

  • New preferences file format. (Note that all Preferences settings will reset to default values the first time this new version is launched.)
  • Tools panel now preserves find string, replace string, and checkbox values between launches and prefs dialog reset.
  • Tools panel find & replace functions now operate independently from values in main "Find & Replace" dialog.
  • Added "Open Scripts folder" and "Open Script Tools folder" buttons to Script Tools panel.
  • Added "Duplicate Document" and "Duplicate Selection" scripts.
  • Minor improvements to Tools panel interface.
  • Minor improvements to Script Tools panel interface.
  • Both panels are displayed by default.
  • The "Shift Left" and "Shift Right" functions now honor the "Preferences->Tabs->Tab keypress will insert x spaces" setting. (For example, if this pref is selected with 5 spaces per tab, then Shift Right will insert 5 spaces instead of a tab at the beginning of each paragraph.)
  • Improved behavior of "save" command, to minimize appearance of the "save as" warning when editing non-native text files (e.g. html).
  • Updated Automator actions so they function properly on 10.7 (Lion).
  • Will now run on G3 or newer and MacOS 10.4 or newer. (Recompiled to accommodate older G3/10.4 systems.)
  • Fixed font size bug noted when printing page numbers.
  • Fixed bug in text clipping file name.
  • Fixed bug in "uniform styles" AppleScript property.
  • Fixed bug noted when creating RTF files that contain pictures. The pictures are now drawn correctly in other word processors (e.g. Word).

Version 4.9.9

  • Universal build. Runs at native speed on both Intel and PPC platforms.
  • Requires Mac OS 10.4 or newer.
  • Requires G4 or better.
  • Lion (10.7) compatible.
  • Interface cosmetics improved for Lion compatibility.
  • Optimized recordability under Lion. (Press AppleScript Editor's "record" button and watch it record a script as you use Tex-Edit. Try this with other applications in Lion.)
  • Inserted lots of delays (pauses) in the AppleScript Demo application. Lion runs scripts so fast that it was difficult to follow the action!
  • Added scriptable prefs switch to allow use of RTF as default document format. Note that RTF does not support all "normal" document data (sounds, movies, window position, etc.).
  • Improved Page Setup dialog extension and removed redundant Print dialog extension.
  • Improved localizations, especially Italian, thanks to Agostino Maiello.
  • Improved memory handling when saving files that contain big resources (e.g. pictures).
  • Fixed "Show Fonts" bug.
  • Fixed AppleScript bug involving "whose clause" (filtered reference) resolution in Lion.
  • Fixed AppleScript bug seen when dragging & dropping JPEG/TIFF/GIF pictures into a document.
  • Separate Intel and PPC preference file allows both TEP versions (PPC/Rosetta and Intel/Universal) to coexist on same volume. Preferences revert to default values when this new version is installed.
  • PPC-native (pre-4.9.9) and Intel-native (4.9.9+) documents are not quite 100% cross compatible. In other words, when running in Intel mode, you can open old PPC documents, but ruler settings and pictures will be lost. Use RTF (rich text format) if you need to maintain ruler settings and pictures when updating documents.
  • ConvertRTFToNormal and ConvertToRTF droplets are included to facilitate mass document migration.
  • Tex-Aid and other AppleScript applications are now Universal.

Version 4.9.8

  • Fixed AppleScript bug involving object counting and "whose clause" resolution on Intel platform.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the cancellation of some time-consuming operations (with cmd-period).
  • Sort commands now sort entire document when no text is selected.

Version 4.9.7

  • New scriptable pref option to show invisibles by default.
  • Improved Tex-Aid now shows running word count, line count, paragraph count, page count, and column inches.
  • Tex-Aid now allows easy adjustment of font, highlight, and background colors.
  • Improved Automator Demo.
  • Auto-Save feature now ignores documents that have never been saved (to avoid annoying Save As dialogs).
  • Opens "aiff" sound files.
  • New "Strip Duplicate Lines" script removes redundant sequential lines, leaving only a single copy.
  • New "Save Spoken Selection" script converts the selected text to a sound file (aiff) using the current voice.
  • Tex-Aid now quits automatically when Tex-Edit Plus quits.
  • Improved default button management in Spell Check dialog to speed throughput.
  • New "Reset" button in Speech Preferences dialog to reset voice preferences.
  • The "Sample" button in Speech Preferences now speaks the voice's native description string.
  • Speech capabilities have been upgraded for compatibility with AssistiveWare's new Infovox iVox voices.
  • Removed the Speech On/Off menu command, since it is no longer relevant.
  • Fixed dock bug that allowed multiple copies of a single document to be active.
  • Fixed speech bug (10.4 only).
  • Fixed AppleScript "quit" bug.
  • Fixed AppleScript "last line" bug.
  • Improved speech error handling.
  • Fixed bug opening AppleScript Dictionary from the Scripts menu (on some systems).

Version 4.9.6

  • New Automator actions added, including Add Prefixes, Add Suffixes, Strip Prefixes, and Strip Suffixes. Tex-Edit now has 36 embedded Automator actions!
  • Improved Japanese localization of Tex-Edit and Tex-Aid.
  • Improved German localization of Tex-Edit.
  • Enabled "Go to Line Number" command for read-only (TTRO, TERO) documents.
  • Control-arrow key shortcuts now scrolls read-only and picture documents.

Version 4.9.5

  • New "Add Prefix & Suffix" and "Strip Prefix & Suffix" commands make it easy to manage formatted lines of text (e.g. HTML code). All scriptable and recordable.
  • "AppleScript Dictionary" command in Scripts menu displays Tex-Edit's dictionary using Script Editor.
  • "Script Editor" command added to Scripts menu to easily launch Script Editor.
  • Control-arrow key combination will now scroll document (up/down, left/right).
  • Hold down Option key when selecting "Open" or "Insert" commands to access invisible files and folders.
  • New "Open Any" script tool.
  • Replacing multiple space characters with the Cleanup Document command now treats nbs (non-breaking space) characters as ordinary spaces.
  • Fixed problem noted when "Save As" file name contains slashes ("/").
  • Improved terminology in Automator action panels. (Input and result are "Tex-Edit Plus documents" when appropriate.)

Version 4.9.4

  • Improved "Get Info" script to make it easy to examine and delete any file, including invisibles.
  • New version of Tex-Aid includes ability to re-size pictures in the text.
  • Fixed problem setting file type when using script to save non-Tex-Edit files.
  • Fixed bug in Startup script.
  • Fixed bug in AppleScript Demo.
  • Fixed bug in Scripts menu seen with long script names.
  • Added French localization of Tex-Aid.
  • Improved German localization.
  • Fixed contextual menu bug in several non-English localizations.
  • Fixed ruler value tags in several non-English localizations.
  • Fixed several of the sample scripts so that they work properly with older versions of OS X.

Version 4.9.3

  • Added support for Tiger's new Automator function including a few (32) embedded actions.
  • New "available voices" application property returns a list of speaking voices.
  • Faster application launching.
  • Improved Script Tools palette re-building, and Scripts menu re-building (when scripts are added or subtracted).
  • Fixed tabbed keyboard navigation ordering in dialogs (Tiger).
  • Improved handling of empty, missing, or corrupt Scripts and Script Tools folders.
  • Fixed Revert to Saved bug noted when editing non Tex-Edit files.

Version 4.9.2

  • This version is primarily a bug-fix maintenance update for Tiger (10.4).
  • Fixed problem with Contextual menu plugin (Tiger).
  • Fixed problem with Services menu (Tiger).
  • AppleScript dictionary now compatible with the Script Editor 2.1 (Tiger) "Open Dictionary" command.
  • Smaller faster binary (recompiled with Tiger's XCode 2.0).
  • Fixed menu shortcut activation problem noted in Tiger.
  • Fixed save bug noted when changing file types.
  • Fixed small bug in Speech panel voice menu.
  • Fixed paste bug when pasting from VPC.

Version 4.9.1

  • Improved functionality of Font panel.
  • Improved the double-spaced printout feature.
  • Fixed several ruler crash bugs noted in various rare circumstances.
  • Fixed find dialog style menu bug in Japanese version.
  • Fixed bug which could lose data of collapsed unsaved windows when quitting.

Version 4.9

  • New ruler allows easy paragraph formatting, multiple tabs, and tab leaders. (Double-click on a ruler tab to set tab characteristics and control-click on the ruler to adjust ruler settings.) Jaguar (10.2) or newer required. Thanks to Richard Law's "Ruler View for WASTE."
  • Ruler tabs and margins are fully scriptable and recordable.
  • New scriptable pref option to show rulers by default.
  • New scriptable pref option to show ruler help tags.
  • New scriptable pref option to show ruler value tags.
  • New scriptable pref option to enable continuous or discrete ruler settings.
  • New "tab width" window property to set pixel width between standard tabs.
  • New "default tab width" application property to set default pixel width between tabs in new documents.
  • Improved usefulness of the "wild run" placeholder in the Find dialog. (Increased the character restriction from 255 to 8K characters, making it much easier to find and replace large structures.)
  • Internal fixes have improved the usefulness of several scripts (including HTML conversion scripts).
  • Improved cursor handling in most windows and dialogs.
  • Improved recordability of text entry.
  • Fixed several bugs noticed while hiliting spoken text by word or by sentence.
  • Fixed bug in "Open Recent" menu.
  • Removed most of the preset keyboard shortcuts from the sample scripts (so that you can add your own favorites more easily).
  • New "Ruler Merge" sample script tool to propagate the first ruler throughout an entire selection.
  • New "Ruler Reset" sample script tool to reset ruler to initial state.
  • AppleScript Demo updated to show off ruler.

Version 4.8.2

  • Command key shortcuts added to dialog buttons. (For example, cmd-R will activate "Replace All" button in the Find dialog.)
  • Auto-scroll now centers the selection vertically. (For example, a found string will appear near the center of the window instead of at the bottom.)
  • New version of contextual menu plugin (1.2) activates the "Copy to Tex-Edit" CM item in Cocoa applications.
  • Some alert dialogs rearranged for clarity.
  • Fixed error when pasting complex text that has been copied from a Cocoa application.
  • Fixed file save bug to prevent accidental replacement of non-text files.

Version 4.8.1

  • Fixed automatic version checking bug.
  • Fixed ASCII popup menu redraw bug.
  • Minor interface changes to comply with Apple guidelines.

Version 4.8

  • Handy new floating Script Tools palette thanks to Charles W. Moore. Compiled scripts added to the new "Script Tools" folder will show up as buttons in the palette. Option click a button to edit its script. Jaguar (10.2) or newer required.
  • Background Color submenu added to Format menu.
  • The info area at the bottom of each window displays the hex value for two-byte (as well as one-byte) selections.
  • Added command key shortcut to Preferences menu item.
  • Fixed drag bug associated with some picture clippings.
  • Small internal bug fixes.

Version 4.7.1

  • Common picture formats (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PICT, PSD) can now be opened, inserted, or dragged directly into Tex-Edit documents.
  • Improved drag & drop behavior from desktop.
  • Fixed bug noted when double-clicking on a document that is already open and minimized.
  • Fixed redraw bug noted when inserting certain text files.
  • Fixed bug noted when zooming a wide open picture document.
  • Fixed selection marquis bug noted in picture files.

Version 4.7

  • New "Markup" menu switch makes it easy to insert editor marks in a document.
  • When Markup is enabled, all typed or pasted insertions use the styles specified by the new "Markup Options" dialog, overriding any preexisting styles at the insertion point.
  • All the Markup options are scriptable and the switch retains it state between launches.
  • Sample scripts added to illustrate use of the new Markup feature.
  • Added support for enhanced print Apple event (Panther only). The optional "with properties" parameter gives AppleScript much more control over the printing process. For example:

    print every window with properties {copies:3, collating:true, pages across:2, pages down:1, error handling:detailed, target printer:"MyBigPrinter", starting page:2, ending page:2, requested print time:date "Monday, May 24, 2004 11:02:23 PM"}

  • Added optional "print dialog" parameter to "print" and "print selection" commands. This allows AppleScript to control display of the standard print dialog sheet. If this parameter is missing, then the print dialog is not displayed.
  • Sample bullet handling scripts added thanks to Mike Detwiler.
  • Fixed slow Find dialog bug noted on some systems.

Version 4.6.9

  • Changed the Script menu's shortcut specifier from a slash ( / ) to an underscore ( _ ). This relieves some UNIX-related filename and path confusion.
  • Scripts with a filename extension (either displayed or hidden) are now handled correctly in the Scripts menu.
  • Fixed button activation bug noted when using the Edit menu to paste text into the Find dialog.
  • Updated French localization.

Version 4.6.8

  • Commands in the "Quick Cleanup" submenu now apply to the current selection, if any. Otherwise, the entire document is affected as usual.
  • Smarten Quotes and Stupefy Quotes buttons on the Tools palette now apply to the current text selection, if any.
  • Improved error handling when attempting to save very large resources (i.e., a file with too many pictures).
  • Memory handling optimized for 10.3.3. (Earlier versions of Panther necessitated a memory-leaking bug fix.)

Version 4.6.7

  • Added new "replace multiple blank lines" command to the Cleanup dialog. This makes it easier to normalize white space in a document. The new command is scriptable and recordable.
  • Minor improvements were made to the Spanish localization.
  • Fixed a bug seen when executing scripted search/replacement with empty search string.

Version 4.6.6

  • Added automatic version checking at launch (with scriptable pref switch).
  • Fixed Tools palette error involving several non-English localizations.
  • Synchronized keyboard shortcuts for all localizations, adding many shortcuts for non-English versions.

Version 4.6.4

  • Added "Check for New Version" command to check for the latest version and download it if desired.
  • Added MacPAD protocol support.

Version 4.6.3

  • Fixed incompatibility with Script Editor 2.0's "Open Dictionary" command (Panther).
  • Fixed several French localization errors.

Version 4.6.2

  • Quadrupled the number of scripts allowed in the 'Scripts' folder and improved error checking.

Version 4.6.1

  • Improved robustness of support for External Editor (ODB) protocol to increase compatibility with FTP clients (e.g. FTPeel).
  • Removed the 255 character restriction on the size of grep back references.
  • Fixed several grep bugs involving large back references.
  • Fixed save bug that caused custom icon and label to be lost when saving a document.
  • Fixed related word count and word index script bugs.
  • Fixed spell checker bug seen when checking certain control character combinations.

Version 4.6

  • Many internal fixes were made to insure full Panther (10.3.x) compatibility.
  • Undo now functions beyond the last Save.
  • Improved function of Delete command.
  • Fixed various menu shortcut conflicts with Panther.
  • Fixed several minor bugs noted when Tools palette is visible (Panther).
  • Fixed annoying Font panel bug that made it difficult to select a font family (Panther).
  • Fixed scrollbar crash bug (Panther).
  • Fixed sheet dialog menu item activation bug (Panther).
  • Fixed window activation bug noted during some scripted saves.
  • Fixed bug seen with some print drivers.
  • Fixed bug that allowed multiple copies of a document to be opened by the Finder.
  • Fixed bug in Auto-Save.
  • Fixed bug in Word Caps command.
  • Fixed minor word count error.
  • Fixed rare yet annoying crash bug seen with certain miscellaneous text alterations and script executions.
  • Recompiled using latest gcc/Xcode compiler.
  • Archived using newer "sitx" format. This should eliminate the permissions (launch) problem seen with the prior archives. It also makes the archive quite a bit smaller. Unstuff using Expander 7 or newer.
  • Be sure to drag the Tex-Edit folder into one of your Applications folders, then log out/in to activate the Services menu.
  • Added ability to personalize your copy of Tex-Edit Plus with a registration code (in the About dialog). Codes have been emailed to registered users. Notify me if you did not already get your registration code.

Version 4.5.2

  • Improved behavior of "Copy to Tex-Edit Plus" Services menu function. Text is now pasted at the insertion point of the frontmost Tex-Edit document, creating a blank document if none exists. (Thanks to R. Regensburg.)
  • Simplified "Merge Scripts Folders" applet.
  • Improved support for mouse scroll wheel. (Accelerates in accordance with scrolling speed in System Preferences.)
  • Added support for "properties" AppleScript property of windows and text. This allows you to get or set multiple class properties with a single command:

    set properties of every word whose style contains bold to {font:"Verdana", size:24, color:blue}

  • Made several AppleScript improvements to simplify scripting. For example, these constructs are now properly supported:

    get number of characters of every word of lines 2 thru 5 --> correct running total

    get words whose style contains italic --> proper recognition of text styles

    get words 2 thru 12 of (words whose length > 5) --> subrange of a list of identical elements

    delete {word 14, character 23, line 3} --> delete a list of text elements simultaneously

Version 4.5.1

  • New "Copy to Tex-Edit Plus" function appears in the Services menu, making it easy to import text from other OS X programs. To activate this feature, move the Tex-Edit folder to one of your Applications folders (/Applications, /Applictions/Utilities, /Users/yournamehere/Applications, etc.) then log out and log back in.
  • Re-enabled the "Show Invisibles" feature (finally!). Use "Show Invisibles" to display non-printing characters (tab, space, linefeed, formfeed, return).
  • Show/hide invisibles from the Tools palette. (A new button replaces the "Show Preferences" Tools palette button.)
  • New "Add filename extensions when saving" preferences switch (scriptable) automatically adds an appropriate filename extension when saving a document. Turning this feature OFF disables all filename extension handling, allowing Tex-Edit to function properly with FTP clients such as Captain FTP. (Tex-Edit can serve as the remote text editor for most FTP clients.)
  • New "hidden extension" parameter added to "save" command.
  • When saving as picture, movie, or sound, a file is created for each object. (Previously, only the first object was saved.)
  • New "height" and "width" picture properties allow you to manipulate the size of embedded pictures using AppleScript. For example, use this script to center a picture vertically on a line:

    set baseline ascent of picture 1 to -((height of picture 1) / 2)

  • Open and insert PICT and movie documents even if they don't have traditional "PICT" or "MooV" file types. (Tex-Edit recognizes the file extension.)
  • Cleaned up recorded AppleScript references to movies, sounds, and pictures. (Some old scripts dealing with movies, sounds, and pictures may need to be recompiled.)
  • New keyboard shortcuts added for various menu items.
  • The "Open Selection" menu command now attempts to extract a full pathname from the text selection, and can therefore function from within an unsaved document. (If a full pathname is not selected, Open Selection looks for a file by that name in the active document's folder.)
  • Two new scripts help convert to and from some common Windows (extended ASCII) characters.
  • Improved behavior when "saving as" a non-Tex-Edit document. (The non-Tex-Edit document is created, but the orginal document remains intact.)
  • Fixed several related save bugs.
  • Fixed bug in "Hilite HTML" script.
  • Fixed "close bubble" dot to indicate unsaved status for new windows.
  • Fixed contextual menu Help item.
  • Fixed old bug in "Open Selection" menu command.

Version 4.5

  • New floating Tools panel. (Note that the Tools panel remembers its state and position between launches.)
  • Rearranged menus to conserve menu space and to conform to Jaguar UI Guidelines.
  • Implemented various other UI improvements, including more descriptive names for several menu options.
  • New "smart hyphens" feature--converts two hyphens to an em dash (scriptable pref switch).
  • New "rotate consecutive hyphens" feature (with a scriptable pref switch). Press the dash key repeatedly to switch between em dash, en dash, and double dashes.
  • New "rotate consecutive quotes" feature (with a scriptable pref switch). "Rotate" suggestions thanks to Henader T.
  • New "Print One Copy All" menu command quickly prints all open documents. (Hold down the option key.)
  • New expanded, searchable Help book. (English version only.)
  • Fixed AppleScript "print file" bug.
  • Fixed printing bug noted when dragging Tex-Edit documents to the Print Center.
  • Fixed several other small printing bugs.
  • Fixed "Save All" bug and related sheet dialog bug.
  • Fixed Word Services bug to allow Tex-Edit to use the latest version of the Excalibur spell checker.
  • Fixed PICT display bug.

Version 4.4

  • Spell checking added.
  • Hold down the option key to check the spelling of the current text selection.
  • Added support for the OS X Fonts Panel (requires OS 10.2 or greater).
  • Drag and drop desktop files onto document windows to insert text.
  • Option-return overrides the "Auto Indent" feature.
  • Faster application launch when Scripts folder is large.
  • Removed the limitation on font size.
  • Added "tell selection" shortcut to Quick Script dialog.
  • Fixed Jaguar printing bug involving certain unusual configurations.
  • Fixed Scripts menu bug that prevented use of scripts created by the new Jaguar version of Script Editor.
  • Fixed bug involving sound playback on systems without sound capability.
  • Miscellaneous internal fixes.

Version 4.3.1

  • New "Tex-Aid" AppleScript Studio application added to Scripts menu, providing a simple shortcut pallet.
  • Tex-Aid source code included to allow complete customization.
  • Added slightly wider left margin to make it easier to select lines and place the insertion point.
  • Help function now runs correctly when using OS 10.2 (Jaguar).
  • The "sort" AppleScript command now includes an "ascii ordering" parameter to enable simple, fast Mac ASCII sorting.
  • Improved recordability in OS 10.2.
  • Auto-translation of line endings now works with SimpleText documents.
  • Expanded AppleScript Dictionary to clarify class hierarchy.
  • Improved generation of Unicode text files.
  • Fixed bug involving occasional inability to change font of selection.
  • Fixed bug seen when searching backwards through text using "grep" and "whole words only" simultaneously.
  • Fixed redraw bug seen when changing print margins of a "page setup width" document.
  • Fixed small print dialog bug.
  • Removed restriction on sound annotation size.
  • German, Italian, and Spanish localizations added. (Tex-Edit supports 6 different languages! Use the Finder's "Get Info" function to mix/match your favorites.)
  • Miscellaneous internal performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 4.3

  • Scriptable regular expression search and replace (grep).
  • Read and write RTF documents.
  • OS X Services enabled.
  • Quartz text anti-aliasing enabled (requires OS 10.1.5 or greater). Scriptable pref switch turns anti-aliasing off and on.
  • New application icon thanks to Alexander Lawrence.
  • Helpful grep popup menu in the Find dialog.
  • Auto-translate line endings when opening files (scriptable pref switch).
  • Auto-translate line endings to UNIX format when saving files (scriptable pref switch).
  • New menu command clears the "Open Recent" menu.
  • Scriptable pref lets you set the number of docs in the "Open Recent" menu (or disable it entirely).
  • More FKey shortcut combinations available for Scripts menu (cmd-Fkey and cmd-shift-Fkey).
  • New character styles added (All Caps, All Lowercase, Hidden).
  • New "Open Any As Text" menu command (hold down the option key) opens any file as a text file.
  • Clicking the left margin selects the line, double clicking the left margin selects the paragraph.
  • New "text only" parameter for "open" AppleScript command.
  • Tooltip help added to important dialog items.
  • The "Real Tabs" menu item has been eliminated, since tabs are always on. Adjust global tab spacing in the prefs dialog.
  • The "Show Invisibles" command will show "hidden" text, but it no longer shows non-printing characters (CR, Tab, space). I plan to correct this in a future version.
  • Word Services applications no longer need to be launched before adding a service via the "Get New Service" command.
  • Fixed script bug involving the "close window saving yes" command.
  • Fixed script bug involving the "quit" command.
  • Fixed bug seen after editing iDisk (remote) files.
  • Fixed bug in "Remove Services" dialog.
  • Fixed bug in Scripts menu involving Fkeys above F12.
  • Fixed problem with some double byte document titles and some double byte "Open Recent" menu items.
  • Various other minor internal performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 4.2.5

  • Added PICT, movie, and UTF (unicode file) icons.
  • Fixed sheet (window modal dialog) bug involving copy and paste keyboard shortcuts. The Edit Menu items had to be rearranged and some shortcuts dropped.
  • Fixed cosmetic bug noted when pasting text into dialogs.
  • All dialog editable text items now accept inline input.
  • Removed small bug in InfoPList.
  • Fixed bug noted when replacing (saving over) existing file with file of different type.
  • Fixed bug in "change document creator" pref switch.

Version 4.2.4

  • Modified Save behavior to force creation of proper resource fork in non Tex-Edit files.
  • Convenient contextual menu plug-in added to archive.
  • Application has now been localized for Japanese, French, and English (single package).

Version 4.2.3

  • Several useful new Contextual menu options (superscript, subscript, remove colors, remove styles, remove formats, etc.).
  • Support for long filenames.
  • New preferences switch to turn on/off the hierarchical font menu. (This can speed up first time launching on some systems.)
  • More robust file/directory handling.
  • Fixed printing bug (clipping right margin with some printer/font combinations).
  • Fixed preferences bug (custom background and text colors now stick).
  • Removed small keyboard shortcut conflict.
  • Superscript/subscript algorithms (scripts) improved.
  • Added a few programming utility scripts.

Version 4.2.2

  • Auto-repeat enabled for appropriate menu items.
  • Improved error handling during open/save.
  • Fixed scripting bug (make new window behind/at back).
  • Removed Tex-Edit's cmd-opt-d shortcut because it conflicts with the show/hide dock shortcut.
  • Fixed bug noted when saving docs with long names. (Full support for long filenames is in the works.)

Version 4.2.1

  • Streamlines some code and fixes a bug in the Preferences dialog.

Version 4.2

  • Thoroughly re-written to take advantage of OS X (Carbon Events, nib files, etc.).
  • Requires OS 10.1 or better.
  • Improved use of Aqua interface, widgets, dialog layouts, menu layouts, etc.
  • Re-enabled live menus. (Hold down the option key while perusing the menus.)
  • Live window re-sizing.
  • Extensive use of sheets (OS X window modal dialogs) including printing, page setup, save as, revert, review changes, etc.
  • Native mouse support for right button (contextual menu) and thumb wheel (scrolling).
  • New Scripts menu with new Quick Script shortcut item.
  • New Help menu with help book and easy access to online help, feedback, registration, etc.
  • Adjust speech volume.

Other key Tex-Edit Plus features:

  • Quickly create, edit, and print styled text documents of unlimited size.
  • View and print TeachText or SimpleText read-only ("ReadMe") documents, including pictures.
  • Easily create your own SimpleText read-only documents, including pictures.
  • View and print color PICT files, such as those produced by draw programs or Apple's built-in screen snapshot utility.
  • Copy a selection from a PICT file, cropping the image for use in a word processor, etc.
  • Play QuickTime and QuickTime VR movies.
  • View, edit, and print text documents created by virtually any word processor or computer.
  • Reformat downloaded e-mail or text, correcting word-wrap problems and removing extraneous, non-Mac characters.
  • Prepare text for upload to a BBS, so that people with MS-DOS systems can view the document as it was intended to be viewed.
  • Instantly quote a brief passage from received e-mail, allowing the sender to remember their original message.
  • Read any text document aloud. (Listen to a TeachText read-only file, for example, as the text and pictures scroll by!)
  • Quickly optimize a document for printing, substituting professional-looking typographical characters for generic, typewriter-era characters.
  • Create simple hypertext documents.
  • Insert attention-getting sound annotations to spice up ordinary inter-office mail.
  • And more...

Tex-Edit Plus for OS X is a styled text editor that is especially adept at formatting text for transfer over the Internet. It is fast, efficient, and uses little memory. Keep a copy in your Dock for quick drag-and-drop operations. Mac OS 10.4 or better required for the latest version.

There are many more features. Tex-Edit Plus is Freeware. (See the enclosed documentation or the 'About...' dialog box.)

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