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Tex-Edit Plus (Classic)

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Version 4.1.3

  • Fixed a couple of small bugs including one involving the Paste Style command.
  • Page numbers are not printed when printing a single page document.

Version 4.1.2

  • Improved implementation of the External Editor Protocol. The External Editor Protocol allows Tex-Edit to act as a text editor for an ftp client such as Fetch, Interarchy, NetFinder, or Transmit. Tell Fetch, Interarchy, etc. to "Edit with Tex-Edit". When Tex-Edit saves the document, the remote file is automatically updated by Fetch. Slick!
  • The character count/status area (bottom left corner of each window) now continuously displays the line and column of the insertion point.
  • If a single character (byte) is selected, then its hex value is displayed.
  • If multple characters are selected, then the selection size (character count) is displayed.
  • A new multiple undo window property can be used to turn off the unlimited undo/redo feature. Setting multiple undo to false will dramatically speed up some long, repetitive scripts.
  • The minimum window size has been decreased and several small bugs were fixed.

Version 4.1

  • An "Open Recent" submenu to give you quick access to your ten most recently opened documents.
  • The new "Normal Baseline" menu command allows you to conveniently remove all super and subscripting.
  • Desktop clippings can now be "opened" in the same manner as real documents (feature added by popular demand).
  • A bug noted when saving some unusual files to SimpleText and SimpleText Read-Only formats was fixed.
  • Multiple bugs involving AppleScript, printing, and speech were fixed.

Version 4

  • Tex-Edit Plus 4.0 represents a major upgrade, including many new features--all scriptable, of course!
  • Requires Mac OS 7.1 or newer.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • A new "strikethrough" text style is supported.
  • Flexible superscripting and subscripting are supported (in one point increments).
  • "Text hiliting" is supported, allowing hiliter-like emphasis of any text.
  • Read and write UTF-16 (unicode) text. The new file format is fully backward compatible with previous versions.
  • Each paragraph can be formatted individually. These new paragraph settings include text justification (left, center, right, full), space above, space below, left indent, right indent, first line indent (or hanging outdent), and bottom border (in one of several line styles). Each paragraph can also have its own line spacing (in one point increments) and dominant text direction (useful for right-to-left scripts).
  • Menu check marks and dashes now correctly indicate styles, fonts, sizes, and colors of the selection.
  • Several new AppleScript properties have been added, including "available fonts", "word offset", and "paragraph offset".
  • The contextual menu plugin has been updated to version 1.1 and no longer opens an extra blank window when first invoked.
  • Triple click now selects a paragraph (instead of a line) and quadruple click now selects all the text (instead of a paragraph).
  • New preference options have been added to select default text color, to select default window background color, and to disable automatic keyboard/font synchronization (for non-Roman fonts).
  • Pictures are now correctly centered when opening SimpleText read-only documents.
  • "Translucent drag and drop" is supported.
  • A confirmation alert appears when resetting all preferences.
  • Hold down the option key when making a font selection to force application of that font (useful for non-Roman systems).
  • See the Revision History for a list of all the other improvements and fixes.

Other key Tex-Edit Plus features:

  • Quickly create, edit, and print styled text documents of unlimited size.
  • View and print TeachText or SimpleText read-only ("ReadMe") documents, including pictures.
  • Easily create your own SimpleText read-only documents, including pictures.
  • View and print color PICT files, such as those produced by draw programs or Apple's built-in screen snapshot utility.
  • Copy a selection from a PICT file, cropping the image for use in a word processor, etc.
  • Play QuickTime and QuickTime VR movies.
  • View QuickDraw 3D models.
  • View, edit, and print text documents created by virtually any word processor or computer.
  • Reformat downloaded e-mail or text, correcting word-wrap problems and removing extraneous, non-Mac characters.
  • Prepare text for upload to a BBS, so that people with MS-DOS systems can view the document as it was intended to be viewed.
  • Instantly quote a brief passage from received e-mail, allowing the sender to remember their original message.
  • Read any text document aloud, if you have Apple's Speech Manager extension. (Listen to a TeachText read-only file, for example, as the text and pictures scroll by!)
  • Quickly optimize a document for printing, substituting professional-looking typographical characters for generic, typewriter-era characters.
  • Create simple hypertext documents.
  • Insert attention-getting sound annotations to spice up ordinary inter-office mail.
  • PowerPC and 68K native (optimized for your system).
  • Mac OS 9.x savvy.
  • Scriptable, recordable, and attachable.
  • Extensive multi-file search & replace capabilities are supported.
  • And more...

Tex-Edit Plus is a styled text editor that is especially adept at formatting text for transfer over the Internet. It is fast, efficient, and uses little memory. Keep a copy in your Apple menu and an alias on the desktop for drag-and-drop operations. System 7.1 or better required.

There are many more features. Tex-Edit Plus is Freeware. (See the enclosed documentation or the 'About...' dialog box.)

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