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Dear Tex-Edit Users...

The shareware response to Tex-Edit amazes me. It certainly validates my admiration for the Macintosh community and reassures me that our favorite computer will be around for a long time.

Unfortunately, this overwhelming response also makes it difficult to reply to e-mail in a timely fashion. I apologize for any delays.

You might be interested to know that my most common suggestion is "why don't you increase the shareware fee?" Incredibly, some folks actually send more than the suggested shareware amount!

My second most common request is "when are you going to make a Windows version?" I promise to give that suggestion all the consideration it deserves...

Did you know that many of Tex-Edit's features originated as user suggestions? Please continue sending me your ideas, comments and bug reports. I promise to keep Tex-Edit as lean as possible, adding only those features which clearly improve the product without weighing it down.

To any aspiring Mac shareware authors out there, wondering if the Mac community will support your efforts, I have some advice: Install a free copy of Xcode and go for it. Create a good program at a reasonable price--then sit back and watch your mailbox fill up!

Thank you,

Tom Bender

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